About Us

About us

My Buddy Wheels is the first balance bike your 21st century toddler needs.
Design-led, innovative, imaginative balance bikes for cycle mad modern families.

At MY BUDDY WHEELS HQ we think learning to cycle can be way more fun!
Climbing onto a dinosaur, a horse or a unicorn captures a toddlers imagination like nothing else, and makes the traditionally scary task of learning to ride a bike, an insanely fun and exciting experience.

Kids at this magical age instantly fall head over heels for the My Buddy Wheels characters. The friendly dino, classic horse and lovely unicorn cleverly disguise a lightweight balance bike. Toddlers have so much fun with their Buddy they don't realise they are learning the fundamental skills needed for cycling. Balance, speed, stability, strength, and most of all confidence.

These happy memories stay with them forever, and they will forever associate this happy, confident feeling with cycling. My Buddy Wheels gives toddlers confidence to go to the next stage. To go straight to a pedal bike with ease.

Balance bicycles are recognised by todays' savvy modern parents as the preferred choice for children as young as 18 months to prepare for cycling before stepping up to a pedal bike - without ever using training wheels/stabilisers


Developed in association with toy inventor Peggy Brown and the award winning innovative, design team at Yvolution, My Buddy Wheels is a future classic. Already recognised for its innovative and unique design and nominated for the prestigious Nuremberg Toy Award 2019.

My Buddy Wheels is unique and beautifully-designed balance bicycle for kids aged 2+
Let their imaginations go wild on their adventures with My Buddy Wheels

Check out the My Buddy Wheels collection and learn about the details of their innovative features that will get your kid on the right road to cycling